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Are You Ready to Listen & Honor Black Women? 

Sex Researcher. Black Queer Feminist. Sista Scholar. 

What have you learned about Black sexuality?

For many of you, who you have heard about...

High Teen Pregnancy Rates

HIV Rates

Sexually Transmitted Infections

As a sex researcher I shift the narrative

about Black sexuality through exploring:

Pleasure & Orgasms 

Sexual Functioning

Sexual Wellness  

Sexual Agency & Exploration


I merge research and education by providing workshops that are informed by research studies

for Black women.

I believe that by talking about sex we can normalize conversations and remove generational taboos so Black women can have happy and healthier sex lives.

Industries I Work With

Health Professionals

Non-profits and organizations


Colleges and Universities


Dr. Shemeka is such a dope educator, researcher, and speaker. She is passionate about Black sexualities and you can feel her enthusiasm while reading her papers and hearing her presentations! Working with her this past year on Black women's sexual pain and pleasure has been a joy and I look forward to future collaborations with her. On a personal note, she's a wonderful peer mentor who supports and advocates for me. I'd chose Dr. Shemeka to teach my kids all they need to know about sex - that's how much I trust her and her work!

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